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Home Grooming Do's and Don'ts

Home Grooming

Do's and Don'ts

Home Grooming Do's

· Do bring your pet in on a regular basis for grooming.

· Do have your pet's nails trimmed every 4-6 weeks.

· Do communicate your wishes clearly to your groomer to avoid misunderstandings.

· Do inform your groomer of any medical conditions your pet may have.

· Do make sure your pet relieves him/herself prior to the grooming appointment.

· Do learn to take care of your pets maintenance needs at home.

Home Grooming Don'ts

· Don't bathe your pet between grooming appointments unless you are sure all the tangles are brushed and combed out first.

· Don't use human shampoo or detergents on your pet.

· Don't expect your groomer to be able to leave much hair on a pet that comes in matted.

· Don't forget to inform your groomer of any sensitive areas your pet may have.

· Don't forget to brush and comb your pet between professional grooming appointments.


The Professional Groomer

· Your groomer is your link to information about your pet's needs. When you find one that you and your pet are comfortable with, stick with them.

· A professional groomer will look out for the needs of your pet first, and base grooming  recommendations upon those needs.

· Feel free to ask questions- Professional groomers are more than happy to talk about the work they do, and will be happy to work with you and your pet.


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