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How to Choose a Groomer

"Muffin" is a valued part of the family.

How do you go about choosing a person to groom her? It takes lots of training to properly groom a dog and be her health care advocate. You shouldn't trust her to just anybody. Here is what I advise anyone who is seeking a careful and competent pet groomer:
  • First of all... ask around. Talk to your veterinarian, your neighbors, anyone you know with a dog. If you see a dog on the street with a groom style you like, stop the owner and ask where the dog was groomed.

  • Call the groomer you are interested in, ask him/her if they would be able to call you back and answer some questions. Groomers like to give their undivided attention to every pet they groom and it's hard to answer questions while scissoring a dog. You should be able to develop a rapport with the potential groomer that will give you an overall impression.

  • Ask him/her questions like "what past experience do you have with animals?", "Did you go to grooming school or apprentice with a professional groomer?", "How long have you been grooming?", "Do you have much experience with different breeds?", "Are you a member of any professional grooming organizations?", and any other questions you might have about the particular breed of your dog.

  • Arrange a time where your pet can meet the groomer and get acquainted with the salon and their staff. Personality conflicts can happen so don't forget "Muffin" is a moving, independent being that may not stay still for a groomer she doesn't trust. You want your pet to be comfortable with their groomer; if they are, it will be a life long relationship.

Using a groomer for the first time can be a disconcerting experience. If you've done some research, maintain your pet between appointments, and place trust in your groomer, you and your pet will be happy with the results.

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